Advanced Media Imaging Honors 


giant abstract art posters

all artwork is original

Modern art in renaissance style

student engineered creativity

Advanced Media Imaging Honors 1-2

Two Semester Course

Fine Arts Credit (for graduation and college admission)

Dual enrollment available

Prerequisite: Exploring Computer Science 1-2 or Computer Science Honors 1-2.  Can be taken as a first-year course for juniors and seniors. 

Level: Intermediate

This course focuses on creating and managing digital images for print, video and the web. Students study art history and learn to use Photoshop to recreate what they see. Students will study a variety of artists and their techniques, and then use Adobe PhotoShop to create original artwork, and Adobe InDesign and Animate to output images for different uses.  Examples of projects include Day of the Dead Animations, Pop Art T-shirt transfer and Giant Abstract Art Poster.  

Students will benefit from taking this course by earning a fine arts credit towards graduation requirements. They also learn basic principles of design and apply them in a variety of real-world applications. Students will become proficient at using the computer as a design tool.

AMI examples