College & Career Readiness

A main focus of the computer studies magnet program is to prepare students as lifelong learners for post-high school education and careers. We strive to give students as many opportunities as possible to prepare for life after high school. Listed below are specific ways we give students to prepare for college or a career in technology.

AP Testing

Two AP courses are available in the magnet program: AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A. Both courses follow a university course curriculum and conclude with a multiple choice exam. Successful test results qualify for university credit at all three Arizona universities, as well as hundreds of other universities across the States.

Dual Enrollment

 Four honors courses can also earn community college credit through dual enrollment. The courses follow the community college curriculum, and the grade earned in high school is applied to an equivalent community college course. Fees to apply, but the cost can be offset by applying for a grant.

A+ Certification

The third and fourth year courses may help students prepare for and take a certification exam. The Networking and Operating Systems course will help students prepare for A+ certification.

Laptop Checkout Program

Students enrolled in the magnet program can apply to check out a laptop for the school year. The laptop comes loaded with the software required for most computer courses. The laptops can be taken home for the school year. There is no fee for this program. 


The magnet program faculty strives to find relevant work experience for third and fourth year students through meaningful, and when possible paid, internships. Last summer two students worked for Pearson as paid interns. This summer, two students worked for ... as paid interns.