jill jones


Instructor for: Comp Sci H 1-2, AP CSP, Comp Sci H 3-4, Innovative Technologies

Email: jjones1@phoenixunion.org

Jill Jones has been a teacher in the Magnet program for over 30 years.

Michele delgado

Instructor for: Exploring Computer Science, Advanced Media Imaging H 1-2, Multimedia Presentations H 1-2

Email: mmdelgado@haydenmagnet.org

Michele Delgado has been an artist and teacher for over 2 decades.

archana chaudhari

Instructor for: Comp Sci H 1-2,
AP Comp Sci A

Email: chaudhari@phoenixunion.org

Archana Chaudhari is a Computer Engineer and has been teaching in Magnet Program since 12 years.

miguel herrera

Instructor for: Exploring Computer Science, Innovative Technologies 1-2

Email/Correro Electronico:



Miguel J. Herrera obtained both his bachelors and Masters degrees from Arizona State University. While working on attaining his Masters, he did a summer internship with Dr. Alice Christie where he trained teachers to use technology in their classrooms.

Mr. Herrera has been a computer science teacher for the past 13 years at THE Center for Computer Studies at Carl Hayden High School. Currently he teaches Exploring Computer Science 1-2 and Innovative Technologies 1-2

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michael marmolejo

Instructor for: Computer Graphic Design, Networking & Cybersecurity H, Innovative Technologies 1-2

Email: mi.marmolejo@haydenmagnet.org

Michael Marmolejo was born during the fall of the Nixon administration in the heart of the Valley of the Sun. As a proud product of the Arizona public education system, and a proud graduate of Carl Hayden Community High School, he was so inspired by the great teachers that he met along the way that he chose to pursue a degree in Secondary Education with a focus in English at Arizona State University. Said degree in hand, he stumbled his way into a position teaching Computer Graphic Design and Networking and Operating Systems within the Carl Hayden Center for Computer Studies – the very same magnet program that he graduated from and that arguably launched his own decade-long career in the computer industry. In doing so, he quickly discovered that it is much more fun to be sitting at the teacher’s desk than the student’s, so he has dedicated his career to using technology to make education so engaging and entertaining that students become intrinsically inspired to seek out and share knowledge.

Marmolejo holds a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an Emphasis in Technology from Grand Canyon University, a CompTIA A+ Certification, a file cabinet full of completion certificates for various education and technology-related training sessions, and a lifetime membership in the Nintendo Fun Club. He is the sponsor of the Computer Club, the Yearbook Club/Class, and the Noodle Society (It's like Oprah's Book Club, but with instant noodles instead of books).

He maintains his classroom website at http://mistermarmolejo.com with the artisanal Web craftsmanship only made possible by someone who still hand writes his HTML code in Microsoft Notepad. He can be reached at mi.marmolejo@haydenmagnet.org, but don’t be surprised if he takes a day or two to respond. He’s just slow media like that.