The computer studies magnet program firmly believes that competitions are an effective teaching strategy and an important part of student learning. We encourage our students to enter competitions whenever possible, and we try to find or create these opportunities for them. Listed below are several competitions our students participated in this year.

  • Participate in competitions

  • Engage in deeper learning of subject material

  • Showcase talent and increase confidence

  • Network with other students and potential employers

Code Day Phoenix

Code Day Phoenix is a 24-hour event sponsored by Code Day and takes place in the fall and spring. Students organize into teams, pick a project, and then work for 24 hours on the project, which is then presented to a panel of judges. This past spring Carl Hayden students won the "Best in Show" award and the "Special Prize for Best Art."

Vex Robotics Competitions

Students work in teams to design and build a Vex robot. The robot is structured to complete the tasks of the current competition. Teams are then entered into qualifying competitions against other schools across the valley.

National Cyberleague Cybersecurity Competition

Students participate in the national cybersecurity competition in the spring. The competition involves an offensive and defensive puzzle-based, capture-the-flag style cybersecurity activity that reflects cybersecurity challenges they will likely face in the workforce.

Logo Design Contest

Students are challenged to produce a professional logo for an actual client. The client gives feedback on entries and then makes a final selection. The winner is given a gift card and can include this accomplishment on their resume. Former clients include a preschool teacher, a local politician, and the robotics team.