Networking and Cybersecurity Honors 1-2

Networking & cybersecurity Honors 1-2

Two Semester Course

Prerequisite: Innovative Technologies 1-2 or Computer Science Honors 1-2 or teacher approval. Must be a junior or senior.

Level: Advanced

Students in this course study current network software as well as hardware and network designs. Popular operating systems are introduced and compared. Students will also get intensive training in cybersecurity. Students work with hardware repair and maintenance, learn how to set up a network, and practice security policies.

Students will benefit from taking this course by learning how to set up and manage computer networks and working with a variety of operating systems, in accordance with industry-standard technology principles. Students also benefit by learning about the emerging field of cybersecurity and its implications. Students will be prepared for further study of computer science and to pursue a career in the technology field. Certification is available.