Programming Experiences

A main emphasis of computer science is programming. Our magnet program teaches programming at the first-year freshmen level and continues in the curriculum in a variety of ways throughout the high school experience. Through this programming exposure they can begin to understand how programming is used in a variety of career fields. Listed below are the programming experiences available to our students.

Java Programming

Students learn advanced programming concepts while using Java to write programs. They are able to design, implement and analyze solutions to problems, use standard data structures, write, run, test and debug solutions in the Java programming language.

Python Programming

Students begin writing programs in Python during their first year course. Python is the programming language used for the AP CSP course. Students create interactive games and other applications using an online version of Python. The computer science concepts of algorithms and abstractions are emphasized.

Physical Computing

Students write programs that control lights and buzzers on a circuit board, utilize sensors on the circuit board as input, and allow the circuit board to act as a controller.

Creating Games in GameLab

Students use an online version of JavaScript, called GameLab, to create and control game sprites. They combine sprites and code to create their own games and an interactive card.

Creating Apps in AppLab

Students write event-driven, interactive games using an online version of JavaScript, called AppLab. They learn to use various input devices, such as key controls and mouse clicks, to trigger events for interactive games. Projects include the "click the object" game and the "color sleuth" game.

Creating Web Pages in WebLab

Students learn the HTML scripting language to create their own web pages in a safe learning environment called WebLab. They learn to incorporate headings, paragraphs, lists and images, as well as links to other web pages.

Programming a robot using RobotC

Students design and build a Vex robot, and then learn to program the controller. They also learn to utilize sensors on the robot so it can move autonomously.