Digital Video & Animation Honors


Digital Video & animation Honors 1-2 / 3-4

Two Semester Course

Prerequisite: Exploring Computer Science 1-2 or Computer Science Honors 1-2. Can be taken as a first-year course for juniors and seniors.

Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Students create multimedia presentations using the computer, digital imaging, video and sound. They also create a variety of animations and videos as message-delivery tools. The emphasis is on projects where students create a storyboard which directs all choices for image and sound.

Students will benefit from taking this course by learning basic principles of multimedia presentations, including digital video, in a variety of real-world applications. Students become proficient at suing the computer as a multimedia tool, synthesizing information and using technology to communicate a relevant message in an appropriate media.

Art, Animation, Story and Sound by Oscar Barraza


Rocket workshop

Students participated in a science workshop and used the experience to create multimedia projects on how rockets work.


how rockets work

a student made group project