Vex Robotics

Innovative Technologies 1-2

VEX Robotics

Period 8

Two Semester Course

Prerequisite: any first-year course or teacher approval

Level: Beginning

This course has one section, which meets 8th hour. Mr. Herrera is the instructor. The course can be repeated for credit.

This course introduces students to exciting topics in the world of computers and technology. The content is dynamic and changes from year to year, allowing students to work with leading software and hardware. The Vex Robotics curriculum is followed during the first semester, and computer-aided drafting and 3D printing is the focus during second semester.

Students will benefit from taking this course by learning how to design, build and program a Vex robot. Students use engineering principles throughout the course. They become proficient at using the computer as a creative tool. Students also have the opportunity to compete with their Vex robot.