Ethics and Internet Safety Unit

Assignments and Programs we used: Weve played a cyber cadet game (I WON A PUPPY), weve created a presentation about internet safety using PowerPoint and a lengthy assignment on piracy on the internets. Weve also worked on how to conduct good web searches and completed a scavenger hunt.


What I learned: Ive learned a great deal about internet piracy and how it affects the piece of 5|-|17 recording industry. Ive also learned how to deal with viruses, worms, and spam. And, old men who want to touch my genitals.


My best work: My best work is either the informative PowerPoint I made in a group about internet predators (How to Keep Old Men from Groping You) or the cyber cadet game. I WON A PUPPY!


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Alleged pedophile. Stay away from these when youre online. I still respect this guy, though. Hes a class act.