This is me!

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Tell about yourself.

Hi!† My name is Jessica, I am sixteen years old. I was born in phoenix, Arizona. My family comes from Mexico. I have two brothers and one sister me being the oldest. I live with both my parents and we also have a dog named Hershey. I'm currently a Jr. at Carl Hayden High School. I have 3 best friends that I appreciate very much. Those people would be Claudia, Natalie and Juan. My favorite hobbies would be going quading, hearing music, eating and Myspace.





Tell about this class and why you are creating these web pages

This class is fun we have learned a lot about computers and safety. Computers is a great thing to learn about, since we are more then surrounded by them in the everyday life. The reason for creating these web pages is because itís the last class assignment for the semester.