This picture represents me. That's why I posted in here. Ocean meant a lot to me, because ocean is enormous and with a long life to live.


†††††††††††† Hello my name is Bertha, Iím a student from Carl Hayden high school. Well, Iím a student that loves to have fun, also that likes to learn new stuffs every day. But in my whole life what I like the most is computers. Iím always in a computer, but I can live one day without one. I also like to spend some time with my family and friends. I like to be a good student, because good students always have what they want, and what I want is to became one of all the greatest† Psychologist in the world. This is what I want to study oneís I graduate from high school. I want my parents to be proud of her little girl.


†††††††††††† This class in my favorite of all my six classes. I like this class because I love to being around computers. Also a like it because the teacher have a specific way to teaches us. Throughout the semester I have learn a lot of stuffs. The first thing a learn was an introduction to computers. Then I learn how computers were changing throughout the years. On third term I learn about internet safety and what I can do to avoid internet predators. Next I learn how computers work. On this term I learn to open a computer and take off all the most important pieces and put it back were they go. I love this term. The last term was called ďComputers TodayĒ. In this term I learn how many things that I use are computerized and how it function. Iím so happy to being in this class with a lot of intelligent people. I would like to came back next year, but I canít, because Iím graduating this semester in school.