Introduction Unit

Assignments and Programs we used: Programs we used were, Photoshop and discovered the different effect you can create with filters, Also word and I learned the different types of fonts.



What I learned: I learned how to use Photoshop and its different uses like how to put a picture with in a picture. Also learned the different fonts on word , there is four different types of fonts : Serif,   

Sans Serif,  Decorative and Script.



My best work: My best work I would say it is my Photoshop assignment , it was a lot fun to create one single picture , with a variety of pictures. What I did was use Photoshop to cut out the pictures and put them all together in one to make a very unique pictures. I learned how to use the different filters Photoshop offers.


This can be done on Photoshop , you can take different pictures and put them together to create one fancy and very unique picture.