These are some pictures of† my personal style. I love musicals, and of course the Jonas brothers


Hello, My name is Veronica I am currently a senior in high school. Iím† seventeen years old and Iím a cool down to earth girl. I love to talk to people and get there opinion on things , I personally like rock , the style is really cool and the music is so amazing . Iím into the pin up and Victorian style , not that I personally dress like that but I will. Iíve always been in love with computers they have been very fascinating to me . I will be attending college in January of 2008, Iím graduating early and on my way to college to major in computer programming. I am the oldest of 6 kids in my family and I find my self to be there† role model. Just like my parents want me to be someone with a good future I want them to look at me as an example to not give up to keep on going to school because one day they will be someone great. Iíve always been a good kid in school I have never failed a class , Iím always strived for what Iíve wanted most and Iím not about to give up, I will not settle for failure. Iím currently in computer science† 1Honors, and I am creating this website to show everyone about the stuff I learned. Iíve learned thing about computers like the invention of the first computer , to now. This is a way of showing what Iíve learned.