Lamborghini Gallardo

Ethics and Internet Safety Unit

Assignments and Programs we used:

We only used Microsoft word and played a game called Cyber Cadet. In this unit we were taught the dangers of internet use. We played a game called cyber cadet. The game cyber cadet showed us how to recognize spam and normal mail. The game showed us what were the different types of viruses that infected computers. We saw a video about a girl that was kidnapped by a guy she chatted with. The video showed us that we should not give out personal information on the internet to anyone. I heard personal stories about people that got in trouble due to the internet.



What I learned:

I learned how to tell the difference from spam and normal email. I was taught how to recognize when a person is giving too much information on the internet. I learned what was illegal to do on the internet. They said that we should always tell an adult when someone we don't know tries to chat with you. 



My best work:

The best work I did in this unit was the internet safety assignment. I had to search for the answers on the internet. The questions were about firewalls and safety precautions.



Look at my Safety Assignment: