Introduction Unit

Assignments and Programs we used:

In this unit we used Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft word. We had to fix our pictures and change the design of other pictures. I got a picture of myself and changed the design in adobe Photoshop. We had to recognize what type of font the text was. There are four types of fonts: seriff, sans seriff, decorative, and script. We had to cut out text from the magazines that was the four types of fonts. We made our folder of fonts and pictures.


What I learned:

I learned how to improve pictures using Adobe Photoshop. I used some of the options in the program to change the pictures. I learned how to recognize the different types of fonts that computers and magazines have. I learned how to add designs or images to a normal picture.


My best work:

My best work I did in this unit was the Photoshop filter assignment. I had to get six pictures and choose a filter on each picture and then paste it on a word document. I choose my picture and five other pictures from the folder.



Photoshop Filter Assignment:

Carl Hayden High School