Porsche Carrera Gt

How Computers Work

Assignments and Programs we used:

We used Microsoft word and Excel. We had to learn the different parts of a computer and what they are called. We took apart a computer and then had to put it back together. We made a list of inputs and outputs. We had a group project that was about a specific topic in the computer. We learned about binary and the ASCII chart.


What I learned:

I learned how to change numbers into a binary number. I learned what the parts of the computer are called and what they work for. I learned how to take apart a computer and put it back to gether correctly. I learne how to add extra memory to a computer hardware.


My best work:

The best work I did in this unit was the build a computer project. I had to find a computer on the internet and pint out the paper. Then I had to buy the same computer piece by piece and see which is more expensive. I wrote the prices down in the excel page.



Look at my project: