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Computers Today

Assignments and Programs we used:

In this unit we used Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Publisher,  and Microsoft PowerPoint. We had to choose 4 careers that we liked and used computers on the website bridges. After we choose four careers we had to make a powerpoint that included all four careers. The topics in the powerpoints were: job description, workplace, training, and how the career uses computers. Another assignment we had was to get a magazine ad and make it an ad for our career.


What I learned:

 I learned how to use Microsoft Publisher. I learned how to find careers I like on the internet. I also learned how to organize something in a powerpoint and make it look professional. I learned that the career I really like is electrician. In most careers they get paid more in Las Vegas, Nevada than here in Phoenix, Arizona.


My best work:

The best work I did in this unit was the career ad because it was a project that needed a lot of creativity. It was one of the funnest assignments we had this year. I choose the career of a police officer because I liked that career and it fit the magazine ad.


Look at my career PowerPoint:

Look at my Day Without Computers Story: