Tell about yourself.

My name is Irving Castro. I am a senior and this is my first year in a computer class. I have been attending Carl Hayden since I was a freshman. I play soccer. I am in the Carl Hayden Varsity soccer. My favorite food is Mexican and Italian. My favorite color is green. My favorite class is computer class.



My Favorite Links:

Dorados Soccer Team

Carl Hayden Soccer Team

Phoenix Suns Team




Tell about this class and why you are creating these web pages.

This class is computer science 1Honors. We study about computerís and the history of computers. We learn how to use the programs in the computer and how to build and take apart computers. This is a very interesting and important class. The knowledge we gain from this class will help us a lot in the future. We are creating these web pages as our semester final. It is the last important project we have to do this year.

Mexican Soccer Team