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Text Box: Ethics and Internet Safety Unit
Text Box: Assignments and programs we used: The programs that we use were a “Cyber Cadet game, also we used a group project which we did on a power point. Those the program that we were power point and  a cyber cadet game to now more about predators that are on the internet that just want to harm young people and also big ones to but they now that they are not suppose to listen to the people that are online.

What I learned: What I learn in this unit was how to be alert by predators and to not fall in their tramp because they could do anything just to fool you to fall in their tramp. I think that they are really good doing that stuff because they get little girls real easy. That  was what I learn in this unit to be safe even if you are in the internet.

My best work: My best work in this unit was t he group project #2 because I got a really good grade on it . I also think it is my best work because I put all my effort  on it also because I tried my best on it and that’s why I got a good grade on it.