This is my favorite board by Mr. Margera himself!


    Hello my name is Alan, I am currently attending a high school under the name of Carl Hayden. I am a 14 year old freshman, probably 5’4, I have Brown hair and dark Brown eye’s . One of my hobbies is to skate , I also love to listen to rock music ( I am a S.O.A.D fan.) I am currently in a relationship with my very beautiful, shy girlfriend (Getsemany) note she has a unique name! I am also a phoenix sun’s fan I put the hyperlink of the page for you guy’s can visit the website.

   I am currently in Computer Science Honors 1 and our assignment is to write about everything we learned  this semester. I came to school 4 weeks late so I kind of didn’t get everything, but I will show you everything else we worked on!