Ethics and Internet Safety Unit

Text Box: Assignments and Programs we used: in this unit we played the cyber cadet game, and  we did an internet scavenger hunt. Another assignment we did was the mystery person. That was when we had to figure out who was the person that was being described on the monitor. I also learned what’s  protected by a copy right and what's not.

What I learned: I learned not to give out personal information out in the cyber world like: full name, phone number, home address, email address and age. Also not to copy other peoples work from the internet. And how to use the internet properly. I also learned that there is many kinds of viruses like the Trojan horse, spy ware, spam, and 

My best work: my best work would have to be Group project number 2. It wasn't really my work it was the groups work and we did a great job. On this project we did a brochure on online predators. We gave examples on who to be safe and what not to say to people online. 

Here is one of the assignments I did: internet safety