Computer History

Text Box: Assignments and Programs we used:  We used Microsoft access to do quires for the many generations of computers. We used power point to do our slide show on the generation of computers and how they evolved since they were first made. And lastly we use micro soft publisher to make a poster of all the generation of th4e computer and facts about them.

What I learned: What I learned in this class is that computers have evolved. I also learned that Had some sort of revolution. I didn't Know when and where computers were made and who invented them. Now I know Charles Babbage came up for the idea for the very first computer.

My best work: My best work would have to probably be the poster me and my partners made. We made a computer history poster. It included the most of everything In the second generation. And it includes the first computer game ever made. In my opinion it looks professional.

Here is some of my work: career poster