This on the top is after you use Photoshop. The picture on the bottom is the actual picture before Photoshop†

Introduction Unit

Assignments and Programs we used:one of the programs we used† is Photoshop. This program lets you design any picture how ever you wanted. We also used word which you can do a report or even a story this program can help you do a story. So when ever you want to a report



What I learned:I learn how to change this picture into more creativity and more colorful ones. In word what did a learn is that you can make story. In word you can cut, paste, reword, rephrase, rearrange resize, check spelling, fonts.



My best work:this in the right there is an example on Photoshop of what we did. On word I made a story about how the world would be different if all technology didnít work for one day. We added pictures and put designs.††