Man a plasma TV is a computerize item go to for a great prize on a plasma TV

Computers Today

Assignments and Programs we used:in this section we did computers today. Here we figure out which things have chip or are computerized here we used:


Microsoft word

Microsoft excel


What I learned:what I learn that if one thing is computerize it must have a chip on them. If not then they are not computerize. Like a toaster these things are not computerize because it doesn't have a chip. On the other hand a TV is computerize and I know without opening† because it has a screen , buttons, etc. we also wrote a story about a day without computerize item. This was fun but serious because the human being has adapted to the technology that we canít live without† them††



My best work: my best work is when we did a poster. About computerize items. When I was doing the story I didn't know what to write but I got help from the teacher and she help me. This story was fun but think it was hard because you have to presented to all the class and I didn't like that much.

Click here to see my PowerPoint for an example