This on the top is an example on the Edvac

Computer History

Assignments and Programs we used:in this section we did a poster. We were studying about old computer like the Edvac, Univac for the 1st generation. We also study early machines like punch cards, calculators tabulating machines abacus. In the 2nd generation we study processor, transistors. In the 3rd generation we study about integrated circuits. On the 4th generation we learn Ted Hoff invented the microprocessor.†††††



What I learned:I learn a lot of things like what was the Edvac why was it used for. Like this computer was used for breaking down codes during world war I. the Univac was used the big businesses. These restore information but they have to be reprogram every time.


My best work:my best work was in PowerPoint we had to do a slide about each one of them and 1st generation was the staring point of the computers. Ted Hoff make computers smaller. He invented the microprocessor which make the staring point of mp3ís, plasma TVís. these was the staring point.†