This is the Career Poster I chose came up with

Computers Today

Assignments and Programs we used:

Group Poster with a list of computerized items

A computerized spread sheet using Excel

We also wrote a narrative story about how it would be like if there were no computerized items

We used bridges to fill out this career clusters assignment

Then we used bridges again and chose four careers we liked and we made a power point

Then we researched one of those careers and we made a poster about that career and talked about what the income was and what this person did and how was it computer related

Finally we made a Computerized Items Review sheet that talked about what items were computerized that we see or hear everyday


What I learned:

My life would suck with out any computerized items



My best work:

It would either be the Career Poster I did in Publisher or the power point I did about the four careers


Link To My Best Work:

Link To Power Point

Link To Career  Poster


Other Links: