My name is Eduardo Vallejo, but a lot of my friend and some teachers call me Eddie. Iím 15 years old and Iím a Freshman at Carl Hayden High School. I am in this Computer Science Honors Class with Ms. Jones.


This is a home page for a website about what I have learned this first semester. We first learned about each other and the basics in the Intro Unit. Then in Ethics and Safety where we learned about computer safety. After that we studied Computer History and learned about the first computer and how they came up with it. Next came, my favorite, Computers today, in this section we did power points about our future careers and we basically found out what we wanted to be in the future. Finally came the section where we found out How Computers Work found out how computers work. We also got to do this assignment where we looked for our dream computer and we compared the prices to see if it would be cheaper if we buy the whole computer or piece by piece.