Computers Today

Assignments and Programs we used: In this unit, we completed more assignments than in any other unit. Some of those assignments were Computerized Items Spreadsheet, Career Clusters, Careers That Use Computers Worksheet, Career Research and my favorite, Career Poster. Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Publisher were the programs that we used in this unit.



What I learned: I learned what computerized items were and how they are in our every day life without us knowing. I also researched careers and I got the opportunity to look into my career deeply and even though I hesitated on two, I’m still sticking with Police Patrol Officer.



My best work: My best work would have to be any assignment that had to do with careers. I think the reason for that being is because I put all my thought and dedication to those assignments because it was something of my interest and something that would come in handy in the future. Learning more about my future career will be that best thing that worked on with excitement.


Link To My Best Work:

Careers That Use Computers



This is a picture of one of my best  works’. It’s a career ad for a “Police Patrol Officer”.