My name is Miguel and I am currently a freshman at a high school. At my high school I am an average student living an average life. I have joined the football team to try and make this school get a good reputation for the freshman football team. I also like rock music more than I like rap or hip hop music. Some of the bands that I listen to are: BlessTheFall, Linkin Park, System a Down, Fall out Boy, Seether, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson and HIM. The best and my most favorite super hero is Batman! I like to buy my clothes at Anchorblue because I love the clothes they have there and thatís where I buy all of my clothes.

At my high school I am taking a computer science honors class. I am taking this class because I love computers and I wanted to learn more about computers and how they work. In the future I want a career that uses computers. This class is going to help me in my future. We are now creating a web page of our best work we did in this class.


Favorite websites: