Carl Hayden

Computers Today

Assignments and Programs we used:

† In this unit there only a couple of assignments in this unit. One of the main ones that we did is the story. We did it in Microsoft Word. This story had to be at least 1 page long and no more than 2. It was hard thinking about what to write but once you figured out what to write then youíll be done in a day.


What I learned:

† I learned only a few new things that I didnít know before. I learned what I my future jobs might be. I also learned how to use excel. The last thing I learned is how to make a ad about lawyers in Microsoft Publisher.


My best work:

†† My best work has to be the ad. I started off having a hard time doing it by as the days went by I made it look more like the one I was taking all my designs from. I scored a high B on it I think but thatís not bad.


Careers that use Computers

My Lawyer Ad