Greetings users, my name is Michael-Mcmillion Dante Barsana Morris. Iím in currently in high school in Carl Hayden home of the Falcons. I join in a club called Robotics and it is a exciting class, building robots, control them, and of stuff. I like to sleep a lot so nobody really bother me because how I look. I love the group called The Temptations People think Iím a bully, but Iím really am not. I am just a nice person who is 15 years old and my religious is Buddhist and I want to be a chef some day.†


Right now I was in Science Computer H1-2 and I really like it. That class taught me everything inside and outside of a computer. Yes it gets boring now and then, but it is still fun because if my computer was not working, I could solve the problem.†