HI!!! Howís it going? Sorry I canít tell you my actual name or where Iím from for fear that you might my a stalker, so Iíll just tell you my nickname. My name is Queen Bibi and Iím from Mercury.† I have a big family consisting mostly of brothers, a dog, and fish.† I have five best friends who are named: B33zy, MaRy, R0sA, DaRLA, and Y3SSy. Iím interested in Tinker Bell, Volleyball, Superman, Batman, tigers, butterflies, and Ponies!!! My favorite color I can tell you that my favorite color is lilac or Victorian lilac. Thatís pretty much all I can tell you at the moment about me because if I keep going then I might reveal my identity.


This webpage is an assignment I had for my Computer Science Honors class to summarize what Iíve learned so far in this semester. There was five units and each one had a different subject that we learned. The subjects that you will be reading about are:

1. Intro Unit

2. Ethics and Computer Safety

3. Computer History

4. Computers Today

5. How Computers Work


Thatís pretty much Why this webpage was created. Hope you like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!