Computers Today

Assignments and Programs we used: Some assignments I completed were the Group Poster, Computerized Items Spreadsheet, Narrative Story, Career Clusters, Careers That Uses Computers Worksheet, Power Point Presentation, Careers Research , Career Poster, and  The Computerized Items Review Sheet.  Some programs we used were Excel, Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Publisher.



What I learned: I learned in this unit  what computerized items are and also I learned about some different kinds of careers, what they do , how much they pay and lots more. Some careers I learned about were Desktop Publisher, Astronomer, Chemist, Forensic Science Technician  and Middle School Teacher.



My best work: My best work was my Narrative Story and my advertisement on Forensic Science Technician.


Link to my best work: Narrative Story

                                               Power Point on careers

My career Add on Forensic Science Technician...