Introduction Unit

Assignments and Programs we used:

One of the programs that we used during this unit was Photoshop. With Photoshop you can do many things to a picture. I made-up a picture using Photoshop. We also printed six pictures with filters on them. First, we† picked six pictures and then, added a filter to them so they look different. I cut-out pictures and pasted them onto another picture.† I made a Fonts booklet that shows the four main categories in fonts. It also describes why each category is different form the other.




What I learned:

You can use Photoshop for any picture and turn it into something else.† I knew there† were many different types of fonts but, now I know the four categories. The four categories are Serif, San Serif, Script, and Decorative. I learned that not all fonts are useful when writing an essay they might look nice but, their not easy to read.†



My best work:

This is one of the pictures that I filtered.


Here is another of the pictures that I filtered. It is swirled towards the middle. You canít really tell what it used to be.