What would you do without a cell phone.  What if you still had it but, all of a sudden it wasn't working.

Computers Today

Assignments and Programs we used:

  One of the programs we used in this unit was Excel. We used this program to list the computerized items we use each day.  Now, imagine a day without computerized items. That’s what we had to do, I wrote a story about a day without computerized items. This means no cell phones, ipods, cars, video games, digital cameras, clocks, etc.  How different the world would be right. Power point was used  to do a presentation about  four careers that we like. You had to narrow it from four careers to one. We used Publisher to do a poster on the career that interested you the most.



What I learned:

  When I started in this unit I wasn’t sure with what I was  going to be in the future. Now I know many jobs that use computers and that interest me. This helped me think about my future and not be clueless if anyone asks what I want tot be in the future.



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