Ethics and Internet Safety Unit

Programs we used:


 Microsoft word


 Carnegie cadets game


Assignments and worksheets:

 Internet safety

 Internet scavenger hunt

 Mystery person

 Carnegie cadet assignment

 Internet search assignment

 Internet safety poster



What I learned:

I learned how to use power point. I had never heard of a program in Microsoft called PowerPoint. I learned that when chatting on a computer youíre no supposed to give out all your information because there are bad people in the world. The person or people will try to look for you by pretending to be someone's friend and getting their information. You have to be very, very careful in the world these days. I also learned about firewalls, viruses, spy ware, ad ware, a worm and Trojan horses.


My best work:

My best work was when my group and I did a PowerPoint on internet safety.


Link to my internet safety PowerPoint

That's me and my silly self.