Computers Today

Programs we used:


 Microsoft word




Assignments and worksheets:

 Computerized item list

 Story of A Day Without Computers

 Career cluster

 Careers that use computers

 Career ad

 Computerized Items Review Sheet



What I learned:

I learned how to make my research† into a regular advertisement like in a magazine. I learned how to research different careers in Bridges. There is a lot of thing that are computerized that I didnít even know of. Its really amazing to find out things that you thought werenít computerized are really computerized. In someoneís house there could be a million things that are computerized and they don't even know it.


My best work:

My best work are the computerized item list, careers that use† computers PowerPoint, a day without computers story, and my career advertisement.


Link to Computerized Item List

Link to† Careers that Use Computers PowerPoint

Link to A Day without Computers Story


Career advertisement


Me again