Welcome to my website.


Hi! My name is Bianca Salazar.† As u can see I like stars. I also like to take pictures of myself and put them on myspace. Iím not conceited, I just like doing that.† Iím a really cool person if u get to know me. I also really do care about my friends and the people around me. Things that I like to do are to listen to music, draw, talk on the phone, text my friends, hang out with my friends, party, and lots more.††


In Mrs. Jones computer science class Iíve learned lots of things. I learned how to put a computer together and how to take it apart, how to use different programs in Microsoft, how to make a poster in publisher, and much more. I am creating this web page so everyone could see my work for the first semester.


Some websites I like to go to are:









BiancaBianca SalazarSalazar

Thatís me !!!