Text Box: Ethics and Internet Safety Unit

Assignments and Programs we used: In this unit we were teach about many different viruses a computer has. To help us learn about this we used a Game called Cyber Cadet that showed and gave a few examples.† We used the a game and also word. We only did a few assignments off of word and The Cyber Cadet game which was already saved to our computer



What I learned: I learned a lot of new things in this unit. I learned about internet safety. To never give out any personal information about yourself I also learned about computer predators and how they attack their victims. But the thing that I learned about the most that fascinated me was about how you can get rapped and killed easily† on the internet by chatting with people that you donít know.




My best work: My best work was the Power Point that Me and Janeth and† Brandon made.


My best work was the Power Point.