Adobe Photoshop was one of the programs used in this unit

Introduction Unit

Assignments and Programs we used:


· First Day Bingo

· Map of Room

· Student Information Sheet

· Fonts Booklet

· Computer Basics (20 questions)

· Printout of six pictures with filters

· Your cut-out picture

· Printout of made-up picture

· Computer Lab and Internet Usage Form

· Plan for Student Success


What I learned:

In the Introduction Unit, what I learned was to use different kinds of filters in Adobe Photoshop. What I also learned was the different kinds of fonts we see in our everyday lives.


My best work:

Well, to be honest, the best work I did was taking  a random picture and changing its perspective using only Adobe Photoshop. It was fun and exciting using Adobe Photoshop in this unit.

One of the pictures modified with Photoshop