Computer are the most important technological advancements in this globe

Computers Today

Assignments and Programs we used:


 Group poster with lists of computerized items.

 Computerized Items spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel.

 Narrative Story in Microsoft Word

 Career Clusters typed in Microsoft Word

 Careers that use Computers Worksheet (4 careers)

 Computers Today presentation in PowerPoint

 Career Research printed from the Internet (1 career)

 Career Poster in Publisher (must be approved by teacher)

 Computerized Items Review Sheet



What I learned:

What I learned from this unit was that many careers use computerized items. Also, what I realized was that if one day, computerized items would of disappear, my day will be a total mess.


My best work:

What I will consider my best work during this unit will be the PowerPoint presentation because during the whole semester, I will think that this is the best one Iíve done so far.


Career Advertisement made in Publisher.