Text Box: Elizabeth Vidales
Text Box: About me:
My name is Elizabeth Vidales Iím 15 years old and Iím a sophomore at Carl Hayden High School. I played basketball back then in middle school but my asthma got to me so I couldn't play last year and this year. My life has its ups and downs but right now its going ok. One little thing I want to do when I get out of high school is be a photographer. I always like taking pictures of my family, well my little brother because the rest of my family don't like taking pictures and heís the only one I can really boss around. =P well yup thatís pretty much all about me.

About the class:
This is a computer science class and we always be doing projects and a lot of homework (that I never do =P ) other than that itís a pretty cool class to be in and Ms. Jones is a real cool teacher too. And no Iím not just saying that to get a better grade, she is. :)