Photo Shop





 Reformation of pictureís

†††††††††† Microsoft Word












Text Box: Introduction Unit

Assignments and Programs:

 Photo Shop

 Microsoft word




 Power Point


What I learned:

I learned how to use Photo Shop and make, cut , change , etc to my pictures so I can make them look better and more sufficient. In Microsoft word I learned how to make my writings look more professional for project and my personal work. I also learned all about professional fontís and what fonts aren't good for school or professional work. In my fonts booklet I separated the good font and the bad fonts from each other so I could go back to it anytime and use the correct fonts for any project. I also figured out how to identify different fonts like San serif, Decorative, Serif.


My best work:My best work was a picture or me in this class. I made it look like a cartoon with a lot of color and I made it look good. Some of my other work where sufficient but they weren't my best they where just projects that I needed to complete in time.