This are the programs that we use to make all the projects

Introduction Unit

Assignments and Programs we used:

The assignments that I used to do all my projects are:

· Computer History Data Base Reports

· Computer History PowerPoint presentation

· Group Project

· Unit Pre-Test

· Internet Search Assignment

· Internet Scavenger Hunt

· Mystery Person

· Cyber Cadet Game

· Internet safety assignment

· Group Project # 1
Group Project # 2

¨ Programs:

· Power point

· Microsoft Word

· Access

· Excel 


What I learned:

I have learned how to make professional power points and how to make records in Access. I have learned about the computer history and what I have learned from the computer history was that there are five generations in the history of the computers. The first generation starts from the year of 1940-1956, the second generation starts from 1956-1963, the third generation starts from1964-1971, the fourth generation starts from 1971-present, and the fifth generation starts from the present to beyond. I have learned about output, input, storage, and processing devices. I have learned about internet safety and what I learned was that I don't have to give a lot of information when you are in the internet.



My best work:

My best work that I make was a power point presentation and that presentation was about four careers that I want to choose when I grow up and I think that the power point was interesting so I thought that was my best power point presentation. Another project that I thought it was one of my best project was another power point presentation that was about internet safety and it has some interesting things