This picture was token in our classroom and we disconnect cables and then put them back to their place where they belong.

How Computers Work

Assignments and Programs we used:

 Computer movie worksheet

 The four parts of a computer worksheet

 Computer Hardware Database Reports was made in Excel.

 Binary numbers worksheet

 Taking apart a computer worksheet

 Group Project we made it into a PowerPoint

 Building a computer worksheet


What I learned:

I learned how to take off computer parts and how to take them in, I learned how to add binary numbers, I learned the four parts of a computer and they are input, output, processing, and storage.


My best work:

My best work was a PowerPoint named Inside A Computer Case, and I like that PowerPoint because it shows almost all the parts that a computer has in the inside. Another work that I like was taking apart a computer worksheet. I like it because it was fun and I learned something from there. As you can see there are some pictures from what we did in the computer lab.

We make a worksheet called taking apart a computer and we had to take pieces apart from the computer and then put them back.

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