Those four devices are the input, output, storage, and processing.

Computers Today

Assignments and Programs we used:

® Group poster with lists of computerized items.

® Computerized items spreadsheet in Excel.

® Narrative story in Microsoft Word.

® Career Clusters in Microsoft Word.

® Careers that use computers worksheet in Microsoft Word.

® Computers Today presentation in PowerPoint.

® Career research printed from the Internet in Microsoft Word.

® Career Poster in Publisher.

® Computerized Items Review sheet in Excel.


What I learned:

I learned about computerized items, I learned which items are computerized and which items arenít, and I learned were to find a career easier and it shows you all the skills you need. I learned how to use Publisher more and what I learned from Publisher was how to color a background and how to color the text boxes .


My best work:

My best work was the career poster in publisher I like it because I wish I would have a career like this one that I pick and I like the colors of the background and the colors of the text boxes.


My links:


This cell phone is an item that is computerized.