This are the sports that I like to play the most.


My mane is Ramon and Iím in high school, and I like school because when Iím at my house I don't have anything to do. I like to play sports because I like to run and I just like them since I was little. I like computers to because you can do a lot things in the computer. I use computer as entertainment. My favorite subject at school is Computer Science and Math.


This class is great because I like to use computers and it grab me the attention. I like the assignments that we make and I think they are not boring, sometimes we make group projects which is great and is better because that way everybody gets to work not that much. I like when we work in teams because we just have to use one of the team has to use their computer and the other people has to use their computer to research information or pictures, and the other one has to type. I like this class because we use a lot of programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, and Excel. I like this class because we use the internet for research and we can find what we need more easier because we have the internet. What I dislike of this class is that every day we have homework, and what I dislike too are tests, because they are always long.†

I like to go to school because I don't like to be at my house so thatís why I like to go to school.

This are my favorite subjects, math and computer science.

My favorite links: