Computers Today

Assignments and Programs we used:

Some of the  assignments we did were write a narrative story about  how would a day work with out computerized items, a poster about what students thought were computerized items or not, some other things were doing research about different careers that use computers create an ad about the career that you chose. Finally we learned how to determine if an item is computerized or not. We also took apart a computer and had to put it back together and make it work once again. Assignments we had were to make a power point and to crate an computer of our own


What I learned:

In this unit I learned about how would life be with out computers, also about which objects and how to determine which items are computerized or not. How to make an excel spread sheet and a magazine ad. I have also learned that putting back a computer is not easy.


My best work:

 I have to say that my best work in this class has been my magazine ad because I liked the color, background, and everything about it.

Link to my best work