These are the four main parts of a computer.

How Computers Work

Assignments and Programs we used:Some of  the assignments we did for this unit were Computer hard ware Database Reports, Binary Numbers worksheets , and taking apart a computer. So for this unit we used Microsoft Office Power Point , Microsoft Word , and

Microsoft Excel Worksheet.


What I learned:I learned the four main parts of a computer. I also learned input ,output ,storage ,and processing devices. I  even learned the names of the parts on the inside and out side of a computer case.



My best work:I would have to say that my best work was taking apart the computer and putting it back as a group project. My group was the first group to take apart the computer and the second one to put it back together to test it to see if it worked. It worked on our first try and we got to watch and help others taking apart there computer or putting it back together.


My computer