This picture was my first picture taken in Mrs. Jones class.


† Welcome to my Webpage . My name is Rodrigo Burruel and Iím a†† sophomore in Mrs. Jones Computer Science Honors† Class at Carl Hayden High School. I decide to take this class to meet new people and learn new things about computers. I also thought it was a great opportunity to take this class to qualify to get a scholarship for college .


This class is great ! I have it from 8:05am till 9:00am.† IT† is also a great way to start of your day by learning something new about computers. When it comes to learning new things in Mrs. Jones class it becomes real easy. She can explain in ways you could understand and Knows how to get† a day started by being organized. In this class If u are willing to learn something new and get good grades , all you have to do is the work given and pay attention while she is talking .